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About Us

Our Vision

TWOgether Marriages Ministry’s vision is to influence and develop spiritual maturity and growth among the married couples community. To create a solid foundation for relationship growth, stability and longivity. We seek to develop spiritual maturity with a dual focus:


The Authority of Scripture: 

  • Knowledge of facts (What does God’s Word say about relationships/marriage).

The Authority of Experience: 

  • Knowledge by experience (The discipline of operating according to God’s Word ).

We vision marriages ordained by God and marriages entered into with full knowledge that there is a binding covenant with each other and with God as the center of the agreement. Within the marriage bond, we encourage a balanced relationship with God, resulting in healthier relationships and healthier communities. We will encourage couples and individuals to strengthen their relationships by offering training and nurturing programs focused on applying God’s biblical principles, resulting in spiritual nurturing role models.


TWOgether Marriages Ministry’s vision is to collaborate with other like-minded ministries, organizations and individuals in order to broaden the scope of the marriage ministry and have a greater impact on reducing the separation and divorce rate.   


~ Our Marriage Verse ~

“Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” ~ Mark 6:31

Our Vision and Mission

TWOgether Marriages Ministry is committed to provide compassionate and individualized coaching services to dating and married couples. Our ministry will provide an environment for open dialogue and for couples to express their emotions in a respectful, safe and loving, atmosphere. Our focus is to provide spiritual support and biblical instruction and coaching to couples in search of or needing to experience the wholeness of life with one another.

TWOgether Marriages’ comprehensive programs will encourage and equip couples with biblical reference and guidelines, tools and activities ranging from dating and marriage preparation to healing and reconciliation of marriage. Our mission is to offer encouragement, hope and a foundation on which our clients work toward stabilizing and/or reconciliation with their individual self, between themselves and with God.




TWOgether, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Roussaw embody the essence of a Christ-centered and Christian-based marriage. Their union, consecrated on August 8, 1998, serves as a radiant example of devotion and love. Blessed with one daughter and the joyful presence of four grandchildren and an angelic grandchild, they embrace the call to minister to marriages. They both are certified relationship coaches, certified marriage mentors and accomplished authors.


They are leadership experts, they learned extensive leadership qualities under the leadership of the late Dr. Myles Munroe, pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries Int’l for the Leadership Training & Networking learning how to become effective leaders as a couple, attending the annual Leadership Retreats in Nassau, Bahamas to become expert leaders. They are certified relationship coaches certified mentors and accomplished authors. They are also Certified Sandals & Beaches WeddingMoons Specialists and Cruise Specialists, dedicated to enhancing couples' bonds through pleasurable experiences..


They are certified relationship coaches certified mentors and accomplished authors. They are also Certified Sandals & Beaches WeddingMoons Specialists and Cruise Specialists, dedicated to enhancing couples' bonds through pleasurable experiences. Their journey began in 2004 when they heeded God's call to serve in a marriage ministry. Under the guidance of Bishop Keith W. Reed Sr., they assumed leadership roles, including the Assistant Vice-President position for the Sharon Baptist Church Marriage Ministry in Philadelphia, Pa. Today, they hold the esteemed titles of licensed and ordained pastors, officers of Levitical Order under the leadership of Bishop S. Todd Sr, Ph. D. & Pastor Cleo V. Townsend, Ph. D. Deeply indebted to their mentors, Pastor Emanuel Sr. and Lady Martina Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. Roussaw credits them for imparting invaluable knowledge, experience and effective training, shaping them into exemplary leaders. As co-pastors of Union Outreach Fellowship, they continue to touch lives through their roles as Certified Relationship Coaches through the esteemed World Coaching Institute and International Coaching Science Research Foundation. Moreover, they serve as adjunct professors & deans of the School of the Great Commission Bible College & Seminary under Chancellor Winford Thompson. The Union Outreach Fellowship is an essential aspect of Dr. Dwight Roussaw and Dr. Deidra Roussaw's ministry. It serves as an auxiliary church specifically dedicated to supporting and ministering to married couples. The fellowship aims to strengthen and uplift marriages, providing a nurturing and spiritually enriching environment for couples to grow together in their faith and commitment. Having acquired certifications as Marriage Mentors through The Marriage Academy and studied biblical counseling at:


• The Christian Research & Development;

• PAIRS Foundation (Redefining Relationships),


they now serve as leading instructors for Family Dynamics Institute, empowering married and engaged couples through the "Dynamic Marriage" seminar. Members of the Beyond Affairs Network, Toast Masters International and The National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education's (NARME), this dynamic duo is dedicated to enriching marriages. Founders of TWOgether Marriages®, their personalized relationship and leadership coaching and mentoring programs cater to couples seeking to fortify their bonds.


Additionally, their programs encompass successful dating protocols and leadership summits. They amplify their reach through various mediums, hosting a weekly Marriage on Fire radio show, monthly "Date Night Tour & Experience," and bi-annual Marriage on Fire Road Trip & Getaway, annual Marriage on FIRE Retreat and Marriage Sailabration.


Driven by their vision of a faith-based ministry that applies God's principles to marriages, they provide a biblical framework and platform for spiritual and healthy relationships. With a particular focus on leadership skill sets Mr. and Mrs. Roussaw have garnered a reputation as relationship philanthropists and trailblazers.


Serving as Chief Editors of the Marriage on Fire Magazine, esteemed Magazine Publishers, and International Speakers, they have penned several impactful books, including "Marriage on Fire," "Sky Talk," "The Forgiveness Project”," The Husband's Journey," and "The Wife's Journal," guiding couples through the journey from ceremony to matrimony. In addition to their noble endeavors, they are owners of Kairi's Travel®, a full-service travel agency staffed with over 12 trained, certified, and experienced travel consultants. Serving the travel industry since 1999, they specialize in Christian "group" and "couple" escorted tours, offering expertise in Caribbean and Cruise travel. Certified Sandals & Beaches Wedding Moons Specialists, Disney College of Knowledge graduates, Certified Cruise Specialists, and esteemed members of CTO (Caribbean Tour Organization) and CLIA (Cruise Line International Associates), their travel services complement their mission of fostering strong and passionate relationships.


~ Their Marriage Verse ~


“Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while!” 

~ Mark 6:31

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