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Ministers Dwight and Deidra Roussaw are both very much loved and respected nationally and internationally for their vibrant commitment to helping married couples maximize their marital success. Their unswerving loyalty to strengthening marital unions over the years has yielded them a widespread global marriage ministry. Simply put, Dwight and Deidra want to see couples fulfill their marital vows, accomplish their daily marital goals and live out their ultimate marital dreams! To that end, they continued to facilitate and encourage marital enrichment thru marriage conferences, cruises, gatherings, counseling and coaching, to name a few.

Dr. S. Todd and Dr. Cleo V. Townsend


Dwight and Deidra are a dynamic couple, who have been committed leaders in the advancement of healthy marriages, for years. Deidra is a ball of energy and fun! Dwight represents the glue that holds them together! Together, they are innovative, creative, insightful, passionate and unstoppable regarding their mission to increase the survival of marriages within their region. They are committed 100% to “the cause,” which is a rarity amongst couples today. For several years, we have had the pleasure of being speakers for Dwight and Deidra’s marriage and relationship events. We absolutely love attending the conferences and retreats sponsored by their ministry—TWOgether Marriages. We truly appreciate the special details and thoughtfulness  given to make sure that each conference they host, intermixes learning and leisure. Every one of their marriage and coaching events has served as safe havens for couples to be transparent, vulnerable, and authentic. More importantly, these events have gained a consistent reputation of being—“life changing.”  The Roussaw’s are truly an inspiration.

J. Gregory Smith, Esquire & Dr. Chevelta Smith


Except for God Dwight and Deidra has been one of, the most influential individuals in our lives. Their passion and love for the success for relationships is evident in everything that they touch and do.
Their conferences have not only pushed us to want more out of our marriage but more out of our own business. Dwight and Deidra do not only seek success for themselves but for others as well. They will not ask of you anything they would not do for themselves. They are visionaries and optimists and see the best in everyone. They make sure we are not only physically healthy but spiritually and mentally as well. They have been a catalyst to our success and we are proud and grateful to have them in our lives.

Avery and Ciara Desper, Owners of OmniTresses Salon


We have known Dwight and Deidra since 2010 when we attended one of their marriage conferences. We truly enjoyed ourselves. It was during the first year of our marriage and we wanted to surround ourselves with other married couples. Their conference was an added bonus to the start of our marriage, we learned so much just within (2) hours. After (8) years of attending various events, conferences, retreats, one-on-one sessions, we have grown individually and collectively as a couple. They are such an amazing team, and we often wonder how they do it all. Then we realize that it’s not so much them, but the Lord using them. Dwight and Deidra are both such blessings in so many ways. They are always professional, non-judgmental, and genuine. They have given us great advice in our professional lives, personal and marriage. What we love the most is that majority of the feedback is biblical based with a little of worldly. Their down to earth personalities make engaging with them simple and enjoyable. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. Outside of working one-on-one with them we absolutely love attending and participating in any of their marriage events. We always leave full of knowledge, and additional tools to grow our marriage. They have so much experience, and knowledge when it comes to marriage that it’s almost impossible to walk away without gaining something. We truly encourage any couple who are engaged or married to connect with them.

Keith and Nicole Green, Owners of Senior Healthcare Advocates


We have known Dwight & Deidra Roussaw for over 20 years. Their personality and demeanor showers love towards anyone who’s in their presence. This dynamic duo has helped my husband and I take our relationship to another level. Whether it be personal or business, the Roussaw‘s are always there with a helping hand and spiritual guidance to see us through. We also have the pleasure of Traveling around the world with Dwight and Deidra for almost 10 years through Kairi’s Travel agency which is owned and operated by the Roussaw’s. While on our many vacations, you’ll find this team encouraging strangers (married couples) and minister to them about ways to make their relationship grow to the next level!
What touches our hearts the most is the marriage conferences. Dwight and Deidra have a passion for distributing the tools needed to survive in this great thing called marriage! I’ve watched the two of them just take their passion to the next level one couple at a time!
God has truly blessed this power couple and I can’t wait to see what’s next for these two!
Love Always,

Clinton & Stacy Harrison

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