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Meet Her

She is honored to be a contributing author of
Black Woman by birth Champion by Choice.


Dr. Deidra Roussaw, a luminary in the realm of relationships, she is an experience expert. Recognized as a TEDx and international speaker, she earned the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama for her exemplary contributions. Founder of TrulyWed Wives®, Dr. Deidra fosters a ministry devoted to the empowerment of wives. Through captivating retreats, seminars, and workshops, she ignites the flames of passion in marriages. With a degree in business from South New Hampshire University. As the brand specialist for Wives on Fire Escapements and Wives Night Out ~ Slumber Parties by the Signature Wife Coach, as well as the TrulyWed Wives Society of Ambassadors, 


Dr. Deidra actively advocates for the sanctity of marriage. An accomplished author, her books "No Wife Left Behind" and "Wives on Fire!"— a compilation with over 50 other wives— have inspired countless individuals. She hosts a monthly Wives on Fire Mastermind and a weekly Wives on Fire Bible Study and Miracle Mornings for Wives Prayer Call, continually fostering growth and spiritual connection. As a mentor, Dr. Deidra instructs wives on the art of cultivating a luxurious WifeStyle and being their husband's GOOD THING. Furthermore, she coaches WifeCEOs on the delicate balance between business and marriage in her private group for WifePreneurs. 


Currently, Dr. Deidra is enrolled in the Success Mastery Coaching Class under the guidance of Dr. Stacia and Arianna Pierce, while also receiving mentorship from David Tutera. In her commitment to marriages, she hosts a monthly Wives on Fire book club and serves as a leadership and romance coach, providing enriching resources to strengthen relationships and bolster effective leadership. Dr. Deidra is a true devotee to the sanctity of marriage, passionately dedicated to fostering exuberant experiences that invigorate passion and devotion.


-Her Wife Verse "A wife of noble character is her husband's crown." ~Proverbs 12:4


"It's a felabration of wives."


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