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Meet Her

She is honored to be a contributing author of

Black Woman by birth Champion by Choice.


Minister Deidra Roussaw is the founder of TrulyWed Wives® which is a wives leadership ministry offering coaching sessions to wives and mentors them to become wives of excellence and leaders with wives 

retreats, wives conference, wives night out, savvy wife tool box - Prayer, finance, communication, organizational management, infidelity, inspiration, blended family, healing, investments, marriage counseling, intimacy, couples devotion, weight management assistance, wellness and image consultation. 


Minister Deidra is a sought after leadership and romance concierge professional assisting wives to connect, reconnect with their husbands and create a professional career. She has helped a large number of wives nationally and internationally with her astounding skills and knowledge in the field. Her Signature Wife Coaching (A Good Thing) brand is signaturized specifically for wives individually and collectively with round table and mastermind sessions. 


Minister Deidra is an author of a book she compiled with over 35 other wives titled "Wives on Fire!"

She is honored to be one of one hundred women contributing authors of Black CEO.


Minister Deidra is currently enrolled in the Success Mastery Coaching Class under the leadership of Dr. Stacia and Arianna Pierce.


Minister Deidra hosts a monthly Wives on Fire book club, she serves as the leadership and romance coach offering pleasurable resources and romantic exposure for couples to partake in for the purpose of strengthening, enhancing and effective leadership. Minister Deidra is committed to provide exuberant experiences that will invoke passion and devotion to the sanctity of marriage. 


~ Her Wife Verse ~


“A man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour from the Lord!”

~Proverbs 18:23 (KJV)


"It's a felabration of wives"

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