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At Union Outreach Fellowship, our vision is to create an exceptional haven for married couples, a sanctuary of love, understanding, and growth. We are not just a church; we are a thriving community dedicated to enhancing the bonds of marriage through the three pillars of Union, Outreach, and Fellowship.

Through these three interconnected pillars,  we aim to create a haven where married couples are empowered, supported, and celebrated. As couples join hands to navigate the joys and challenges of life, they find solace in the union they've built, inspiration through virtual connections and genuine fellowship that reminds them they are not alone on this sacred journey. TWOgether, we strive to strengthen marriages, enrich lives, and ultimately contribute to healthier families and communities.

In our abstraction for Union Outreach Fellowship, we see a world where marriages are fortified by unwavering love and supported by a vibrant community. We envision couples transformed by the power of shared wisdom, compassion, and spiritual growth. Our conception is that marriages nurtured within our fellowship will become beacons of hope, radiating love and unity to their families, communities, and the world at large.

Join us on this journey of love, growth, and connection as we strive to make our vision a reality. TWOgether, we will create a legacy of strong, resilient, and joyful marriages that stand the test of time bound by the threads of Union, Outreach, and Fellowship.


At Union Outreach Fellowship, our mission is to enrich and strengthen the bonds of marriage through a holistic approach that encompasses the principles of the Union, the power of Outreach, and the warmth of Fellowship. We recognize the importance of a thriving and enduring marriage, and our purpose is to guide and support married couples in their journey towards building, nurturing, and sustaining a loving and God-centered partnership.

The Union:

Our foundation rests on the sacred institution of marriage, where two souls unite in a covenant before God. We are committed to equipping couples with the tools, wisdom, and resources they need to establish a strong, unbreakable bond that reflects the love and grace of Christ. Through our Sunday evening services, we offer teachings that focus on growth, communication, conflict resolution, and spiritual alignment within marriage.

Outreach Beyond the Walls:

We understand that the challenges of modern life often extend beyond the confines of the church. To address this, we are dedicated to connecting with couples virtually, leveraging technology to offer support, counseling, and encouragement. Our outreach initiatives reach couples wherever they are, providing a safe and confidential space for them to seek guidance and advice on their marital journey.


In the spirit of TWOgethness, we gather likeminded married couples at our annual "TWOgether" Fellowship events. These gatherings provide an opportunity for couples to rejuvenate their connection, learn from one another's experiences, and form lasting friendships. Our "TWOgether" events are designed to offer inspiration, practical insights, and spiritual nourishment, strengthening the bonds of marriage through shared stories and shared faith.

Annual Marriage on Fire Breakaway:

The Marriage on Fire Breakaway is a transformative retreat where couples escape the routine of daily life to ignite the flames of passion and devotion in their marriage. Through interactive workshops, counseling sessions, and spiritual enrichment, couples are equipped with the tools and renewed energy to keep their marriage ablaze with love.

Marriage Sailabration:

The Marriage Sailabration is a unique experience where couples embark on a journey of growth and renewal, much like a sailing adventure. Through team-building activities, communication exercises, and reflection, couples learn to navigate the winds of change together, strengthening their ability to weather life's challenges as a united force.


Marriage on Fire Weekend of Love:

This extraordinary event offers a comprehensive exploration of love within marriage. The Date Night Tour & Experience provides couples with creative ideas to keep the spark alive, while the Marriage Assembly offers expert-led discussions on various aspects of marriage. The Marriage Gala is a celebration of love and unity, and the Marriage Worship Experience allows couples to connect on a spiritual level, enriching their faith and partnership.


At Union Outreach Fellowship, we are committed to guiding married couples towards a harmonious and fulfilling marital journey. Our comprehensive approach, encompassing the Union, Outreach, and Fellowship, ensures that couples receive the support, resources, and inspiration they need to build a strong, lasting, and Christ-centered marriage.

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