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Dynamic Marriages

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Want to feel the passion & excitement of a newlywed again? Give us 8 weeks and we’ll give you ‘that’ Dynamic Marriage!

The class that’s about transformation, not just information! Dynamic Marriage is a powerful, marriage enrichment course that creates real and lasting change. Unlike many other marriage classes, its distinctive format encourages couples to break through barriers to intimacy, not just talk about them. Over eight weeks, couples meet to discuss new concepts, develop new skills and delve into the unique ‘dynamics’ of their own marriage

In Dynamic Marriage You Learn How to… •    Truly commit to your spouse and your marriage •    Experience love at a deeper level of intimacy •    Love one another in the way you each want and need to be loved •    Talk to your spouse in a way they’ll really listen and hear you •    Negotiate rather than argue •    Manage your anger and work through conflicts together •    Forgive •    Share in and support each other’s dreams

Only 12 spaces available, please visit FDI’s website at

Course materials are only $150.00 per couple 

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