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How Dynamic Marriage can bring about Real Change in your Marriage…

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The Dynamic Marriage course integrates 4 powerful building blocks to transform your marriage. Through a unique blend of study, application, interaction and accountability, Dynamic Marriage guides you through a series of eight learning modules, each building on the lessons learned in the previous unit.

Guided Resources Resources used in the course include: •    His Needs, Her Needs Book •    Love Busters Book •    Dynamic Marriage workbooks and CD's Utilizing these resources, you and your spouse examine behaviors and patterns of interaction while you learn new concepts about relationships and marriage.

Guided Activities - Each week you and your spouse complete a series of assignments that reinforce the lesson learned the week before and introduce new concepts for the week ahead. Guided Questions - Each week your small group discusses and applies the skills taught in that week’s lesson. Throughout the course, the group helps reinforce new behaviors and support the emotional growth of all the couples.

Guided Group Dynamics -Through interacting with other couples who are learning and challenging themselves, as you are, a unique support and accountability system occurs. The varying personalities and life experiences of the group, creates stimulating discussions and an encouraging environment for change.

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